WK Series

The WK will suit the widest range of riders depending on core selection. Beginner to advanced riders will love its quick snap and responsive feel.

  • Capped or Slanted Sidewall Construction

HX Series

Our personal favorite, the HX is designed to set your brand apart from the blandness of the crowd. Quicker turns, hard charging, all around freestyle board. Pick and chose our cambers and tailor this monster to your customers riding style.

Slanted Sidewall Construction

CF Series

The CF features a coffin style tip and tail and more aggresive tri-radius sidecut designed for high speed riding in mind. Combined with any of the CF cambers you have plenty of snow slaying weapons to chose from.

Slanted Sidewall Construction

BL Series

The BL is a blunt twin tip tip with a more mellow tri-radius sidecut for more stability during riding. Combined with any of the four BL cambers you got yourself plenty of options for a variety of riders.

Slanted Sidewall Construction

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